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Since 2019

Since 2019

‘Fashion is classic’

Émffei is a TW / Paris brand of women’s clothes. Its founder and idea initiator is Amanda. The name of our brand takes root from the word ‘Eiffel Tower’.

Over the past years, stylish and modern Parisian inspire Émffei to create stylish and comfortable clothes. We make it universal: during the day you can put on a dress and go to a business meeting, and in the evening you can change accessories and conquer the dance floor in it.

Be Unique:

We play different roles every day. Our main mission is to emphasize and complement your image. Show others you the real one, which nothing will distract attention from the main thing – from you.


”La beauté commence au moment où vous décidez d’être vous-même”

Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself, which is The Brand Mind of Émffei, hoping every women who came form different culture and country can show theirs unique.

Amanda Haung



Amanda Huang spent her childhood in Taiwan, until 24 went to the Paris, staying there for a year that recording every different culture than Taiwan, including life style, dietary habit and fashion. In a way, that’s how Émffei came to be: from those memories, those Parisians she was observing, those women whose lives she marveled at.

Her first icon is her mother. A woman with a distinctive feminine style. Her mother worked at the textile factory, which made her spend hours with clothes to watched her mother making clothes. As a freshman in college, she started getting into photography, in front of the lens and recoding daily outfit. Therefore, she spread a dream seed in her mind.

Over the years, she trained her eye – as a creative director for Émffei. These experiences cemented the looks she creates in her mind, all sharing that special something.

In 2019, Émffei is born. Amanda directs and reinvents her dream wardrobe season after season, which she want everyone who buy pieces from Émffei that can wearing it over and over again and not worring it would be out of season. In mean time, for the low environmental spiritual, we’re Open for Vintage work to extend the life of exquisitely crafted luxury goods. The pieces that we choose were made to last a lifetime, not a season.


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